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Carl Zeiss Annual Report

Information for stakeholders on the previous fiscal year

The 2010/11 Annual Report has "These are the moments we work for." as its central theme.

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The magazine features interesting applications and how customers use our products.

Issue 22

  • (Re)solution: New Methods Provide Exciting Insights
  • Better Vision: With and Without Glasses
  • Essay: Reunification of Carl Zeiss East and West


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Issue 21

  • Living Images: Fluorescence microscopy
  • Camera Lens: From the Moon to Hollywood
  • Treasure of the Avars: If it Glitters, It’s Gold


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Issue 20

  • Increasingly Smaller: Optical Lithography
  • Window Pains: Large Windows with Small Cracks
  • Nature at Its Best: The Original Cooks


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Issue 19

  • Future-oriented Medicine: The Language of Cells
  • New Dimensions: Riding the Comet
  • Discovering Asia: All with the Light of a Matchstick


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Issue 18

  • Innovations: Don’t Leave Innovation to Chance
  • Insights: Neanderthals under the Microscope
  • Image Qualities: Bringing Scent to the Big Screen


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Issue 17

  • Visual Perception
  • The Fascination of the Eye Diagnosis
  • Therapy – Follow-up – Care


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Issue 16

  • A Look at the Universe
  • Fascinated by Photography
  • Nanostructures


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Issue 15

  • In Memory of Ernst Abbe


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Issue 14

  • The Key Technology in the Life Sciences: FluoresScience
  • Modern Surgical Microscopes and Methods 
  • Eye Care in Focus


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Issue 13

  • Anniversaries in Medicine
  • Shapes and Colors in Art and Nature 
  • Images like Music


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Issue 12

  • Molecular Diagnosis Platforms
  • With the Camera in the Balloon
  • Spectrometers on the High Seas


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Issue 11

  • Climate Change, Glaciers and the Iceman
  • Processes of Cell Division
  • All Eyes on Zeiss Lenses


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Issue 10

  • Microscopy and Prion Research
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery on the Spine
  • Measuring Next to the Machine


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Issue 09

  • “Ultraviolet” Holes
  • The Revolution in Lens Design
  • A Sharp Eye on the Universe


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Issue 8

  • Porsche and Zeiss – A Winning Team
  • Online Diagnosis – Certainty Within Minutes
  • The Beauty of Black-and-White Photography


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Issue 7

  • Gazing into the Cold Depths of the Universe
  • Sun and Truth – As Goethe Didn’t Say
  • Well Poised for the Future


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