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Franz Troppenhagen
Carl Zeiss
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CeBIT 2013: ZEISS cinemizer OLED Headtracker offers immersive gaming, and 3D virtual-reality navigation

Headtracking accessory lets users navigate with natural head movements

Headtracker from Carl Zeiss

OBERKOCHEN/Germany – February 22, 2013
Carl Zeiss announce a new headtracking accessory for the cinemizer OLED, the popular head mounted display. The small device replaces the earpiece of the cinemizer, and measures the rotation and movement of the head, with a high degree of accuracy. When combined with PC games, this enables the player to look around 3D scenes simply by moving their head, making the experience incredibly immersive.


For example, in racing games or flight simulators the player can concentrate on driving, without having to press buttons to look over their shoulder, or even behind them. This immersive way of playing makes the experience much more natural realistic and exciting.


Franz Troppenhagen, product manager for the cinemizer OLED said. “Gaming while watching a screen is OK, in 3D it’s better; but when you are immersed in a world where you can simply turn your head to look around the effect is very compelling. It gives you a real gaming advantage too, letting you think about the controls of your vehicle and not where to look.”


The Headtracker is also destined for use in more traditional virtual-reality environments. It will be possible to use the cinemizer OLED and Headtracker to walk through architectural visualisations in 3D. This gives architects and their clients the ability to really get a feel for a building, before the first foundation is laid. The immersive experience means clients unfamiliar with reading plans, can immerse themselves in a virtual version of their yet to be built property. Meaning there are no surprises when the bricks and mortar version is complete.


The Headtracker for cinemizer OLED will be available from the beginning of April. Visitors to CeBIT in Hannover will be able to experience the cinemizer OLED and Headtracker at the cinemizer stand A20 in Hall 15. There will be interactive examples of the cinemizer OLED with the Headtracker being used for a 3D gliding flight simulator. There is also an immersive architectural visualization visitors can try out. A stationary quadrocopter with camera will demonstrate how FPV (First Person View) works with the cinemizer, and some examples of immersive sales using 360° panoramas.


The cinemizer OLED, is available now. The Headtracker accessory will be available at the beginning of April from retailers, and online retailers such as Amazon. The cinemizer OLED retails at $789.00 £609.99. The Headtracker will cost $219.00, £179.99. UK prices are inclusive of VAT.