Getting ahead

Personal and Professional Development

Well-qualified employees are the key to success at Carl Zeiss. That's why our company continuously invests in training and development while offering excellent opportunities for people of all disciplines to advance their careers.

Training on and off the job

Carl Zeiss offers a comprehensive range of courses in areas such as leadership and interaction skills, conceptual and methodological skills, personality development, project management, language skills, intercultural competence and data processing.

Talent management

The Carl Zeiss talent management system identifies people's potential and qualification requirements and draws up development, succession, and substitution plans for key functions within the company. This ensures staff members are offered the best opportunities to advance their careers.

Technical ladder in research and development

The Carl Zeiss technical ladder offers individually tailored opportunities for personal development, higher earnings and career advancement to technical experts. The primary goal is to enhance and actively apply each person's specialist knowledge.


Global Mobility Program

Carl Zeiss believes that international assignments are an excellent way of fostering intercultural skills and boosting the active exchange of knowledge within the company. The Global Mobility Program enables Carl Zeiss employees to truly experience the opportunities and challenges of a career in international business.