Image out of Carl Zeiss Art Calendar

Did you know ...

... that love lives on fantasy?

Lovers who are prevented from being together have been a key theme in art and literature throughout the centuries. To this very day, this subject has lost none of its appeal. One particularly interesting aspect of this topic is how longing is reflected in fantasy, and how this becomes the strongest bond between the two people. The new Carl Zeiss Art Calendar takes this subject as its theme. For the fourth time now, the company has published a calendar with pictures created by a prominent photographer featuring actors of no lesser renown. For the 2013 edition, Swiss star photographer Michel Comte put Hollywood celebrities Patrick Dempsey and Rinko Kiuchi in the spotlight in Los Angeles – under the heading "Imagination."

The series of twelve photos tells the story of a couple which never actually took place in reality. He is a racecar driver with all his heart and soul. She is consumed by her longing for him. Accordingly, dreams and reality from different levels merge with each other in the pictures. These two different worlds are constantly there – they co-exist and interpenetrate. The artist creates this impression through the use of complex multiple exposures, thus showing the contrast between a longed-for closeness and the remoteness of a different life.

Photographer Michel Comte is very much in demand. He achieved world fame through his 1993 nude photo of Carla Bruni, wife of Ex-French President Nicolas Sarkozy. This portrait made 91,000 US dollars at an art auction. The stars of the calendar are actor Patrick Dempsey, mainly known in this part of the world for his role as Dr. Derek Shepherd ("McDreamy") in the popular series Grey’s Anatomy, and Japanese actress Rinko Kiuchi, who made her international breakthrough with the film "Babel," in which she co-starred with Brad Pitt, and which earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress in 2007.

After Wim Wenders, Bryan Adams and Ellen von Unwerth, Michel Comte is the fourth photographer to have designed a Carl Zeiss Art Calendar since the first edition in 2009. In this case, the word exclusive really rings true – the calendar is limited-edition and not available in shops. It is reserved for customers and partners of Carl Zeiss exclusively and enjoys cult status among photography enthusiasts and the media.

January 2, 2013