Annual Report 2011/12

Carl Zeiss Group

Information about the Carl Zeiss Group, its economic develop- ment and important events in the past fiscal year.


Environmental Report

Carl Zeiss Group

Report on Environmental Protection at Carl Zeiss for the period 2005-2009


Facts & Figures

Key Figures of the Carl Zeiss Group

The Carl Zeiss Group prepares its consolidated financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


  Revenues Number of employees
as of balance sheet date
(Sep 30)
2011/12 EUR 4.163 billion 24,326
2010/11* EUR 4.084 billion 23,426
2009/10 EUR 2.981 billion 12,971

Net liquidity 2)

2012-09-30 EUR 373 million
2011-09-30 EUR 397 million
2010-09-30 EUR 884 million

2) Cash, cash equivalents and fixed-term investments net of credit liabilities

Equity ratio

  in % of the balance sheet total
2012-09-30 26%
2011-09-30* 26%
2010-09-30 33%

Research and development expenses

2011/12 EUR 390 million
2010/11* EUR 343 million
2009/10 EUR 291 million

Revenues of the business groups during FY 2011/12

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology EUR 967 million
Industrial Metrology EUR 495 million
Microscopy EUR 650 million
Medical Technology EUR 984 million
Vision Care EUR 860 million
Camera Lenses, Sports Optics, Planetariums
EUR 178 million

Status: December 2012

* The prior-year figures were restated due to classification of the Security and Defense Systems division as a discontinued operation (IFRS 5) and changed measurement methods for pension provisions.